H&R Telephones was founded in 1991 on the principles of honesty and reliability – principles that are as true today as they were then. Having worked in the telephone business for several years, Russ Godley started the company with his friend and colleague Robert Taylor, a specialist in telephone repairs, with a handful of clients and a will to serve.

This commitment to services was passed on to his son, Jonathan, who started working summers at H&R while in high school and college. Jonathan joined the company as a service technician in 2005. Learning under his father, Jonathan, a likeable, gregarious, hardworking young man, learned quickly. Soon he was leading service and installations. In 2010 he began venturing into sales and the next year (2011) he and his then partner Michael Simons acquired H&R and were off and running.
Jonathan became sole owner in 2017.

Much has changed in the past quarter century. Legacy phone lines and individual voicemail boxes are quickly being replaced by cloud-based phone services. The industry requires technology-savvy professionals like Jonathan and his team of technicians. Every day there’s a new challenge, a new technology to integrate for a smarter, more efficient solution.

What hasn’t changed is the personal service approach to the business with both employees and customers.

What Our Clients Say!

We have used H&R Telephones for as long as I can remember. When the time came for us to expand and build our new facility, H&R Telephone was the easy choice for all of our data and telephone infrastructure and hardware needs. All the folks at H&R are responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. They continue to be reliable partner.

Bran O. Lynch CMP
Property Restoration